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Welcome, to Heidi Mae's Books!

 I am an indie author with a nice selection of contemporary romance novels.  My stories range from heartfelt, easy-to-read romcoms to emotional roller coasters and everything in between. I have both free-to-read stories on Wattpad and Inkitt and two published stories on Amazon! 





Joey's Place is on Amazon Now!! Here is a sneak peek!!



My Featured Books
Click on the book for a direct link to either Amazon or Wattpad.

 These are a sampling of featured books. There are more on both Wattpad and Inkitt on the links above. 

                      On Amazon now!

Follow Haven as she escapes her abusive past and finds herself secluded with a mysterious man with demons of his own.

On Amazon Now!! 

The First Edge lake Book! 

This is a fun enemies-to-lovers that's faster-paced and a fun read, with lots of witty banter! Sparks are flying when more than the bar is on the line at Joey's Place. 

Coming to Amazon soon!

Tattoos and Tulips is my second Edge Lake book. Come follow sweet Maddy and tough Slater in this sweet fast paced romance.  

The first Donato Book. Follow Kit as she takes a job as caretaker for a dying man whose final wish is to reconcile with his estranged, playboy son. Sparks fly and tempers flare in this steamy, dramatic romance. This is complete and free to read. 

A fun vampire read! Light hearted and all ages. What is so special about this orphan girl? Come read for free, its complete! 

The second Donato book, Follow the Donato family when sixteen year old Loni finds herself confined to a hospital bed. Will they find a miracle in time? At what cost? This is a family drama, with some romance, a little humor a lot of emotion. This is ongoing follow along as I write it live! 

My newest WIP! Mistaken gender leads to battle of the sexes in this enemies to lovers rom com. Follow along as I write it live! 

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