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A head strong nurse, a stubborn playboy and a dying man’s wish.

A dying man's wish is a complex love story set in a dramatic plot of a dying man who is estranged from his son. When he tells his nurse his one last wish is to talk to him again, she takes it upon herself to fix this family.

It's a enemies to lovers trope with a ton of chemistry. It's also a story about family, love, loss and so much more.

Much like stormy winter nights, this one is an emotional roller coaster.

This is set in the fabled town of Willow Creek, Illlington, USA. Illington is also fabled state, it's huge and set in the southwest of the USA. It is surrounded by mountains with tons of peaks and valleys. Willow Park is a small town with a lake and a nice little homey vibe.

A few hours west is the city near the ocean, called Sun City. (Kind of like a cross between LA and NY)

Leonardo Donato our dying man hailed from Sun City but grew up in the small town of Willow Park. He and his younger son Andre moved back there when he semi-retired, he then grew very ill.

Andre's long-term girlfriend Carly is besties with our main girl, Kit. Kit is a compassionate girl who works too hard and takes care of everyone in her life. (Her stoner dad and cousin included) When Carly calls with the offer to take a job caring for Leonardo Donato she can't pass it up, she needs the money.

Kit bonds with Leo in an instant and when he expresses his desire to reconcile with his oldest son Luca she's determined to see his wish through.

Luca however is stubborn and bitter, the smooth-as-butter playboy is great at getting under Kit's skin, but he won't budge on reconciling with his dad.

Sparks are flying and so is the drama in this one!!

Come check out this work in progress now! Twenty five chapters are live and ready to read!

I'm on a short holday break and will back early next year with more updates! This will be about 40-50 chaps when done.

Looking to formally publish this one in the summer! So please read along now and maybe you'll get want it for your bookshelf this summer!!

Thanks, ❤️

Heidi Mae

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