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Completed free books you MUST read!!

Here are some of the fabulous books I have read from some great writers on Wattpad. I highly recommend adding these to your list! These are just some of the great books I read. I will do more blogs like this soon!

Love Ladders- Alex Orchard

A twisty love triangle that leaves you guessing (and unsure whom to root for, seriously Alex makes some very irresistible men) the whole time! Plus, it has an adorable little guy in it too!!

The Love I Found- Leigh Vann

A gritty coming-of-age romance that will grip you from chapter one, I instantly felt protective of both Cal and Em (esp her), and despite all their troubles, I couldn't help but keep rooting for them. I love that this is a realistic take on a darker romance. Many of the chapters stay with you long after you read the book.

Stolen Hearts- Jana Prahl

A sweet rom-com adventure that will have you have you grinning the whole time. Lana is so relatable. You just love her from the very start and Jack... *swoons*

Under My Skin- Keturah

A gripping mystery that leaves you guessing ( and biting your nails) the entire time and meanwhile, the romance is hot and steamy (and very complicated)

Patagonia - Evangeline Nott

This short romance novel was incredible, emotional and heart-wrenching. I devoured this one!

No Reservations- Polly Ford

This rom-com was incredible from start to finish I felt like I was having wine (and cheese) with a best gal pal while I read this. Just amazing!!

The Royalty Games- Two books, The Crown Princess and the Crown Games Alex Orchard

These romantic dramas were so intense and nail-biting; I loved the modern/dystopian take on the royal families and the romance... so much great romantic scenes in both books. It's also an amazing coming-of-age story.

Bora- Shari Rochelle

This coming-of-age romantic werewolf story follows one of my favorite heroines ever. I absolutely adore Gemma, and we get to watch her grow up in this nail-biting intense book!

I Live for Nights Like These- Ariel Longee

This unique werewolf tale really keeps you on the edge of your seat from chapter one. The love story is a wonderful slow burn that is as intense as the story itself. One of the first books I completed on Wattpad and, to this day, still one of my faves!!

The Quill of Thieves- R. M Ellie

This fantasy/adventure novel is nothing short of amazing; it won a watty for a reason! I see this becoming a movie very soon. Also, the main male is an adorable kind of shy/awkward-bookish guy, and I love that; seriously in love with Bash.

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