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"Daydreams are just plot's that haven't been written down yet"

Heidi Mae Wahlberg was born in the chilly month of November in New Richmond, Wisconsin. She currently resides in the pretty river town, Stillwater, Minnesota. She is a novelist with a range of genres, from light-hearted and fun to dark and twisted, and has achieved recognition for her writing.

Gems in her literary crown are Stormy Winter Nights (to be published soon), Joey's Place, Tattoos & Tulips, Coming Home for Christmas, and Terrible Truths. Her current books are not done yet, but she is working on A Dying Man's Wish and Vampire and The Orphan.

Heidi Mae Wahlberg is a shy girl (slightly introverted) who found her voice through writing. After years of daydreaming plots and stories, she started writing them down and never looked back. Her stories are full of characters with depth and emotional journeys that will make you laugh and cry. She loves a good romantic comedy as well as a tear-jerker. Heidi has overcome many obstacles in her life, the biggest being shyness. She is now a friendly and perky person that enjoys making people laugh.

She often feels as though she lives in her characters as she writes them and truly enjoys the process. Her upcoming book, Stormy Winter Nights, is a story about two broken souls who collide and get stuck all winter long.

Heidi Mae Wahlberg being a romance and love story writer — got her start in the industry by comparing her work to that of best-selling authors Colleen Hoover and Jodi Picoult. Her novels are typically characterized as being dramatic, introspective, and emotional, with characters that often find themselves in complex situations.

What originally influenced her to write was the simple desire to tell beautiful, captivating stories that would leave readers thinking about them long after they finished the last page. In terms of genre, Heidi's books could be classified as contemporary romance, but she also dabbles in mystery and suspense on occasion.

She works in customer service for a living and is hoping to one day make a full-time career out of writing, but in the meantime, Heidi is just happy to share her stories with the world. She's been married to her best friend, and together they have two German shepherds who are their furry children.

In her four light-hearted novels including Joey's Place, Tattoos & Tulips, Coming Home for Christmas, and Vampire and The Orphan, she strives to make her characters likable and relatable — and her books, an easy-breezy reads. She enjoys injecting a bit of humor into her stories, and she hopes her readers do too!

On the other hand, her melodramatic and dark side is prominent in A Dying Man's Wish, Stormy Winter Nights, and Terrible Truths. She likes to write stories with a bit of suspense that will make you antsy with suspense, but also have a happy ending. Her aim is to add a bit of her personality into all her characters, making them seem like real people that people could know and relate to.

Heidi Mae Wahlberg loves to make people feel happy and good about themselves. Her quick wit and sharp sarcasm are sure to keep you entertained, and her perky personality will put a smile on your face.

She is a writer and daydreamer who believes that imagination is the key to creativity. She quotes:

"Daydreams are just plots that haven't been written down yet."

She has a great passion for story-telling, and has a lot to share with the world. She believes that she will one day conquer the literary world.

Heidi Mae Wahlberg has a wide range of followers, from those who are just starting to read romance novels to those who adore and love her writings. They are generally read and loved by adults. Heidi Mae is an inspiration to many, as she continues to write great books that make people fall in love - or stay away from it forever!

Her latest novels are A Dying Man's Wish and Vampire and The Orphan, which will be completed in 2023. We also expect Stormy Winter Nights to release on Amazon soon!

You can find her works here Wattpad and also on Inkitt under Miss Heidi Mae.



You can follow her day-to-day shenanigans and meet her fur babies at:

· Twitter: @Mybabieshavefur

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