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Grab a beer- Joey's Place is coming soon!

My second to-be-published book, called Joey's place, is coming to amazon, amazon kindle, paperback, and kindle unlimited very soon! Stay tuned to this blog for the link when it's ready!!

Joey's place is set in fabled Edge Lake, WI. A picturesque small town with a bustling little main street and a lake that surrounds the town. The story follows Drew and Beth, they met as kids on a terrible day, and they meet again fifteen years later when she goes to work in his dad's bar, Joey's Place.

This is more fast-paced than traditional enemies to lovers, but not without its angst and drama. The cast is full of fun quirky characters that really make this a fun read.

Here are some awards it won on Wattpad!

Here are the asesthics for the story!

Come grab a stool and give it a read! It's still on wattpad as a free to read right now but will be on kindle very soon!

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