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I published my first book!!

Stormy Winter Nights is now PUBLISHED on amazon as both a kindle (and kindle unlimited) and a paperback! You can own your own copy of my very first book now! Thank you all for the wonderful support and I wish everyone a happy new year!


A chance meeting on a stormy winter night...

Escaping the cruel home of her tormenter, a panicked moment leaves Haven stranded and desperate. She finds herself on a snowy road that leads to nowhere, scared and alone.

Only wanting to return to his isolation in the woods; mysterious loner Alec comes across the beautiful woman. He's anything but a hero, but he can't leave her to die.

A coincidence, or maybe it was fate? Whatever it was, they are now locked away in his cabin for the entire winter, just them and their demons.

What happens when two broken souls collide?

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